KitchenTandem is the F&B purchasing solution for restaurants and hotels
Buy from any supplier
you like

Buy from any supplier you want through KitchenTandem - including all your existing ones.

Who you buy from is entirely your decision.

KitchenTandem is supplier-independent, transparent and fair.

Choose from more than
50.000 articles

In KitchenTandem you can freely choose from tens of thousands of items.

All items are categorised by quality and sorted by price.

In addition, you will find detailed article information.

Make the best choice
for your business

More choice combined with comparable and transparent prices lead to better purchasing decisions.

KitchenTandem enables its users to keep F&B costs under control without compromising on quality.

Spend only half the time
on purchasing

KitchenTandem is so intuitive that no training is needed.

Our smart features cut the time spent of f&b purchasing in half.

The entire purchasing process is digital, efficient and transparent.

How it works for you
With KitchenTandem you make better purchase decisions and save a lot of time
Find out how much KitchenTandem can do for your business
In just 30 interactive
Zoom minutes

KitchenTandem collects your data in the online onboarding.

Then KitchenTandem creates your account and marketplace.

In addition, KitchenTandem analyzes your purchase and develops optimization proposals.

Rocket launch
Your account is ready to
use immediately

KitchenTandem gives you your ready-made marketplace plus optimization recommendations.

You can add recommended suppliers with one click.

In addition, KitchenTandem gives you a compact introduction to all the important features.

Quality up, costs down

From the start, your KitchenTandem marketplace offers you more choice and better prices.

The intuitive and efficient purchasing process will save you a lot of time from now on.

Powerful tools to ensure
you stay on top

KitchenTandem is designed for the long term and packed with smart features.

While you cook, KitchenTandem continuously analyzes and optimizes your purchase.

KitchenTandem does everything to make sure you always make the best choices.

Start now with KitchenTandem, without any upfront costs or training
Quick set-up & Intuitive use
Our subscriptions
Try kitchentandem now for 30 days free with no commitment
Quick set-up with own data
Full functionality
No credit card
No automatic renewal
€ 799/month
+1,49% on purchase value excl. VAT
Ideal for buisinesses with multiple units
40 users
* 4 delivery addresses
Unlimited suppliers
Unlimited articles
AI powered purchase optimizer
Group level analytics
* Request price for additional units
€ 279/month
+1,49% on purchase value excl. VAT
Maximum savings and benefits for hotels
and large restaurants
10 users
1 delivery addresses
40 suppliers
40.000 articles
Purchase optimizer
€ 99/month
+1,49% on purchase value excl. VAT
Great value for small and medium size restaurants
2 users
1 delivery addresses
10 suppliers
10.000 articles
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