One purpose:
We enable you to make better choices
About us
The idea for KitchenTandem solves a major challenge for countless hospitality businesses around the world.
Small and medium-sized businesses in particular have few opportunities to buy economically and sustainably
in the traditional, analog market environment. KitchenTandem creates the first fair, transparent and
sustainable marketplace for food and beverages, which is open to all buyers and sellers.
Meet the team

Ideas and energy

Bike, espresso and always on the move

Co-founder and CEO

Connections and directions

Technology, music and new adventures in life and business.

Co-founder and Director

The steering wheel firmly in hand

Life happens outside the box - salty air, psychological trivia, inhale exhale, growth.

> The difference between theory and practice is wider in practice than in theory. Johannes Herwig-Lempp <

Co-founder and Operations Lead

Making the ones and zeros work

Ride, explore and experience

Tech Lead

Bringing order to chaos

Dance, art and wanderlust

Data Lead

Makes our users smile

Sun, coffee and art

Our story
Kitchen Tandem is a startup founded in 2020 and based in Dublin, Ireland. We are as digital and international
as our product. We come from India, Portugal, the UK, Brazil and Germany and we all work together in the
digital space. Fairness, transparency and sustainability live among ourselves in the team and in our
interactions with our customers and partners. Our founding team not only brings a lot of experience from
different industries and cultures but also runs their own companies in the hospitality industry.
If you would like to join us on our journey, as a customer, employee, business partner, or idea generator, we'd love to hear from you!