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About KitchenTandem
KitchenTandem is the first fully digital F&B market place.
With KitchenTandem you gain digital superpowers while maintaining full control over all purchase decisions.
Any professional F&B buyer or seller can sign up to the KitchenTandem market place.
KitchenTandem’s digital market places are presently available in Belgium, Germany and the UK. Other countries will follow soon.
No. Any professional F&B buyer or seller can sign up to KitchenTandem. No matter if you run small coffee shop, a gourmet restaurant or a large hotel chain, no matter if you are a small regional producer, a specialized web shop or a huge wholesaler, you will substantially benefit from KitchenTandem’s revolutionary digital market place.
No. KitchenTandem is much smarter. KitchenTandem allows you to easily compare articles in terms of quality, real time availability and prices. You know what you need, KitchenTandem gives you the means to find it and make the smart decision.
No. You can order from all your suppliers on KitchenTandem, even if they have not yet signed up to our market place. We will upload your article-price list to your buyer account allowing you to compare pricing from your suppliers, place and transmit your orders directly to your suppliers.
No. KitchenTandem is highly intuitive and offers functions similar to known from leading consumer buying portals such as smart search functions, filters, shopping carts and buying lists.
Yes. KitchenTandem is the only market place that offers you true transparency. 100.000+ articles are made comparable by quality and price allowing you to choose the best article for your needs.
No. You run your business. You control your F&B purchase, choosing suppliers and articles. You negotiate your prices and conditions. KitchenTandem gives you the insight and means to take the very best purchase decisions.
Our customers achieve savings of 20% and more without compromising at all on quality. Additionally, KitchenTandem usually cuts the work load associated with the entire purchase process by half.
KitchenTandem is a fast growing market place constantly generating qualified new business prospects. On KitchenTandem you can easily showcase your company, services and F&B product portfolio. KitchenTandem’s fully digital process substantially reduces sales costs and even allows for an API based system integration between you and all of your buyers.
No. KitchenTandem is a market place offering buyers and sellers a fair and transparent platform for their transactions. You will directly purchase from and being invoiced by your suppliers.
KitchenTandem’s fully digital market place allows you to turn your purchase process much more efficient by optimizing logistics and thus reducing your CO2 footprint as well as food waste. Using the analytics provided by KitchenTandem’s you will always order at zero error rate the most suitable product, in the right quantity and moment.
The security of our customer’s data is our top priority. KitchenTandem is built with strict security requirements and protocols to secure your data and is undergoing annual security audits and assessments. We use high physical, procedural, and technical security measures to preserve the integrity and security of your data, as well as adhering to the strictest data protection laws.

The Business Plan offers all of KitchenTandem’s core functions offering you a fully digitalized purchase process, article search, price comparison, an unlimited number of suppliers and basic statistics.

Choosing the Master Plan you will explore the full potential of KitchenTandem taking your purchase to the highest level. KithcenTandem’s pro plan features an unlimited number of suppliers, up to 10 seats, sophisticated analysis tools, a customizable dash board, a public corporate profile and more.

Our pricing is composed of a fixed subscription fee plus a percentage on your transaction value on KitchenTandem. You’re billed monthly based in form of direct debit.
No. You can cancel your subscription with a 2-week notice to the end of any month.
KitchenTandem speaks in each market the local language and English.
KitchenTandem is a cloud based Software as a Service product. To use it you only need an internet connection and an internet browser on a PC, tablet or smart phone.
Yes. KitchenTandem is a Dublin based company inspired, financed and run by a group of European entrepreneurs combining many years of experience in the F&B, ecommerce and software development industries. KitchenTandem is not owned or controlled by any F&B industry player and values its independence.
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